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If you don’t already know, a tick’s favorite place to hide is in heavy vegetation or long grass. After hatching for the first time, a tick finds a small host, drinks blood from there, falls off, molts and then heads to its next lifecycle. Then again, the tick attaches to a host, drinks blood from there, falls off, and turns into an adult. These are the reasons why ricks are more than just a nuisance. Ticks carry various diseases with them such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease, and other harmful diseases that can affect both pets and human for a lifetime. Therefore, you must take robust methods to make sure that your neighborhood and home is free from ticks.

At Empire Wildlife Removal we make sure that your house or commercial space is totally ticks free. If you and your family get pleasures from spending time outdoors, you certainly have the risk of encountering with ticks. Without your knowledge, you can unknowingly bring a tick accidentally to your home and then the tick infestation will occur rapidly. This is why taking measures to eliminate ticks is very important to stop the infestation in your house. However, you need not worry since we are always here at your service on call to offer our best ticks control solutions.

We make use of an effective blend of our tick tubes and barrier spray treatment to eliminate ticks. At Empire Wildlife Removal, we also use conventional mosquito control spray to kill adult ticks on contact. Apart from that, we make sure that the ticks are gone for good. We will also suggest various ways by which you can keep your home safe from tick infestation. So, consult our expert pest control team of ticks control and experience the best quality tick control at affordable rates.

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