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Empire Wildlife Removal has strong ethics when it comes to safely and humanely removing problem wildlife from your property. By utilizing humane techniques, chipmunks are safely eradicated from your premises by using methods such as one-way-doors, repellents, and snare-poles. Although chipmunks are extremely soft, small, and cute, they can cause indisputable damage to your home especially if they have already discovered a point of entry.

If your home has recently become a shelter for a family of chipmunks, it may be time to contact Empire Wildlife Removal to effectively and humanely remove these pests. This is not something you should attempt to handle on your own, it is imperative that you contact a professional. Empire Wildlife Removal will assist you in effectively removing these animals from your home in a timely manner. While chipmunks are fuzzy, cute, fun to feed and to watch, they can quickly become an enormous problem causing a lot of problems and damage to your property and home. A lot of times the chipmunk you see around your home isn’t the only one shacking up under your roof; there are usually babies involved that have been hidden safely away in the recesses of your home. Simply keeping the mother out will not solve your dilemma as the babies will end up dying in the confines of your walls or attic and you will only discover this after you are able to smell it.

Locating and removing the dead chipmunks will ultimately cost you much more money than if you hired a professional to do it correctly in the beginning. Trapping is the most frequently used method to eradicate problem chipmunks from your home. Another tool often utilized to capture chipmunks are rat snap traps and live-catch wire-mesh traps. There a many things that are used to lure chipmunks into the traps known as bait. Some common bait used is pumpkin, raisins, sunflower seeds, peanut butter, or even cereal grains.

The bait is normally positioned along the route that the chipmunk takes with the trap already secured and in place. Again it is highly recommended that you contact a professional such as Empire Wildlife Removal because animals can carry diseases. It is an acquired skill to bait and safely trap and remove wildlife. Contact Empire Wildlife Removal for all your chipmunk removal needs – professionals you can trust.

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