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Rats are larger than mice and their habits are different. Rats can infest roofs, attics and also to upper floors of buildings. They are also carriers of diseases and can harm your property.

Rat is usually bigger in size than a mouse and may weigh up to 0.5kgs (1 pound). They are usually rapid in climbing and live in dense vegetation and can invade buildings. If you hear sounds of chewing or see damaged food, urine or droppings then you have a rat infestation.

Removal of rats is important as they can do lot harm to your property like scratching walls, gnawing electrical wires and can cause various health risks. The habit of rats to gnaw insulations of wires can lead to short circuits and fires. Droppings of rat contain allergens which can cause allergic reactions. For rat removal our expert team inspects each part of house. It’s very important to inspect the areas from where rats are entering. All the openings need to be finding out to solve rat problem. Our team shut that openings and seal them. After sealing, we trap the rats. So Empire pest control Pest Control gives best treatment to deal with any rat problem and also educate you to prevent future infestation. We offer highest safety measures for your family and pets. So give us a call and get the best treatment.

With Durham and York region ever growing wildlife rat problem, Empire wildlife Control Wildlife Removal services has been helping home owners and businesses for over 15 years in the pest control industry. By offering home owners and businesses a permanent solution for their wildlife removal problem rat removal wildlife control services Rather then putting inhumane poison packs and kill traps that only offer a band-aid solution, Empire wildlife removal Control will identify All points of entry on the building (house) and prevent any future problems that may arise. All areas serviced by Empire wildlife removal is backed by a 100% 1 year GUARANTEE. (On work provided areas).

We don’t just Get ‘Em Out we Keep’em Out For Good

  1. One of our wildlife rats control removal specialists technicians will identify all points of entry and reentry areas on the building (house). Once we have completed our comprehensive home inspection we will present our customers with our action plan to solve problem.
  2. Once our action plan is booked we will begin the process of completely sealing the building. When we come to the points of entry we will install a device that will allow the animals rats removal to safely leave the home or business. This process ensures that All animals (rats) can get out of the building and not re-enter. (unlike poison where the animals are left to decompose in the walls and attic.)
  3. Once the building is all sealed up and safe from reentry, We will assess the damages caused by the animals. If repairs are required such as attic restoration attic installation do to rats feces We can provide a quote for such repairs clean up service. Call today for your rats control removal pest control  service Durham region and York region pest control. Rats control serves guaranteed.

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