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House centipedes basically have a preference for dark and damp areas. Consequently, houses that have moisture problems can often attract these pests. You can find centipedes in the basements, bathrooms, or closets. Sometimes centipedes can even be seen in sinks or tubs. House centipedes generally prey on other insects that live in the same areas. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your house is free from centipedes since these pests can cause a lot of nuisance. And when it comes to the best centipede control solution, it’s only Empire Wildlife Removal that you should rely on.

Centipedes are basically a varied group of Arthropods with various behavioral characteristics. Thus, when centipedes create any problem, the very first thing you must do is contact Empire Wildlife Removal for a professional solution from and request an inspection for centipede. Once we are done with our inspection, our highly trained technician will prepare a centipede treatment plan that has been designed to control the centipede species. Our centipede control solution generally involves both chemical and non-chemical control methods. But, this centipede control solution plan will help to find the locations of centipedes and how they are getting inside your home.

Normally, our chemical control methods for centipede are used for temporary centipede treatments. If required, our pest control experts will use insecticides in crevices, cracks and other centipede infested areas. In case the centipede infestation is particularly heavy outdoors, our centipede control plan may include chemical applications around the house. Adult centipedes hide in the dark, moist and secluded areas during winter. They lay eggs in damped soil during summer or spring. Adult centipedes live for more than a year and some lives up to six years. So without any delay, call us today to put a break on centipede infestation and eradicate them forever with our best centipede control solutions.

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