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Have you noticed an alarming number of ants roaming freely in your home or business? Ants try to get into your property looking for food or trying to find shelter, and ant infestations are a common problem in the Toronto areas, York Region & Durham Region. Our team of professionals at Empire Wildlife Removal has the expertise and know-how to identify and eliminate ants in your home or business, fast!

Why You Might Have Ants in Your House

Ants enter homes for many reasons, and it is relatively easy for them because they can fit through the tiniest of openings. Ants that come in your home do so because they may be on the hunt for sweet or protein-based foods. They may have smelled some open food left out in your kitchen that is attracting them.

The problem is, once ants discover a feast in your kitchen, they will leave a trail for other ants to follow. Before you know it, you will have a trail of ants wandering through your home. Our professional ant exterminators can identify where the ants are coming from and where they are headed.

Our Effective Ant & Ant Nest Removal Process

In order to provide effective and lasting ant and ant nest removal, it is important to understand how ants behave. A social insect, ants live in colonies so it is essential that the whole colony be destroyed. Spraying a few of these little critters with an ant spray just will not cut it! Our ant removal experts will identify the kind of infestation you have – whether it is ants that have already built a nest inside or ants that live outside and are making their way into your home. By identifying the kind of infestation and the type of ant, we are able to come up with a strategy to effectively eliminate your ant problem.

At Empire Wildlife Removal, we understand the behavior patterns of different types of ants and we have the most effective and modern methods of eliminating them. After assessing your ant problem, we will provide a clear treatment plan to help get rid of those ants, quickly! For ant removal in Toronto, York Region & Durham Region, contact us today for a free estimate. Our team of experts can help you with effective ant and pest removal. Give us a call now!

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