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Raccoon Removal

Empire Wildlife Removal have many years of experience in this field and are qualified professionals in all aspects of raccoon removal Toronto and the GTA. The experts at Empire Wildlife Removal will remove these creatures from your premises in a timely manner.

Squirrel Removal

The City of Toronto has some interesting facts about squirrels and their characteristics. If your home is now housing a family of squirrels, Empire Wildlife Removal will aid in effective squirrel removal Toronto. It is advised that you never attempt to handle this kind of situation on your own.

Rat Removal

Rats are larger than mice and their habits are different. Rats can infest roofs, attics and also to upper floors of buildings. They are also carriers of diseases and can harm your property. They are usually rapid in climbing and live in dense vegetation and can invade buildings.

Bird Removal

Birds are not only loud and keep you up in the morning and night but also carry diseases such as bird mites. Our bird removal services in Toronto include removing the animals, screening the vent where they have gained access, cleaning of all nesting, and spraying for any diseases they may carry.

Chipmunk Removal

If your home has recently become a shelter for a family of chipmunks, it may be time to contact Empire Wildlife Removal to effectively and humanely remove these pests. This is not something you should attempt to handle on your own, it is imperative that you contact a professional.

Skunk Removal

If skunks have become a problem in your home Empire Wildlife Removal will help. Skunks are nocturnal creatures with scent glands that contain about a tablespoon of methyl mercaptan. Skunks can spray up to six times covering a distance of about 15 feet, with the smell lingering over a large distance for quite some time.

Mouse Removal

With Durham and York region ever growing wildlife mice problem, Empire wildlife Control Wildlife Removal services has been helping home owners and businesses for over 15 years in the pest control industry.

Wasp Nest Removal

Several species of wasps can be beneficial to gardens as pollinators, but others can cause harm to homes and people. Wasp stings are painful for most and can cause anaphylactic shock in those that are allergic. That is why it is imperative to control wasp nests around and inside homes, apartments, and commercial buildings.

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